Book - All Families Are Psychotic

Douglas Coupland - 2001
ISBN: 0007117515
All Families Are Psychotic
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On the eve of the next Space Shuttle mission, a divided family comes together… Warm, witty and wise, All Families Are Psychotic is Coupland at the very top of his form – hot on the heels of last year’s hugely successful Miss Wyoming (100,000 copies of theTPB and PB sold in the UK to date)

‘You know, this was supposed to be a happy family week that drew us all closer – all that NASA hokum: prayer breakfasts, zodiac boat tours through swamps, a chance encounter with a Kennedy family member… And you wouldn't believe the other astronaut families. They're practically astronauts themselves – shoes buffed like mirrors; too many teeth; half of them are military and talk in barking Navy SEAL voices. They drive me nuts, they're so enthusiastic. Our own family is a disaster.'

In a cheap motel room an hour from Cape Canaveral, Janet Drummond looks at the clock – 7.03 a.m., pill o'clock – takes her capsules, and does a rapid tally of the whereabouts of her three children. Wade has spent the night in jail; suicidal Bryan is due to arrive any moment with his vowel-free girlfriend, Shw; and then there is Sarah, 'an element finer than gold – a bolt of lightning frozen in midflash' – here in Orlando to be the star of Friday's shuttle mission.