Book - Happy New Year Herbie

Evan Hunter - 1968
ISBN: none
Happy New Year Herbie
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Evan Hunter who wrote this collection is perhaps better known by his pseudonym Ed McBain. I have enjoyed many of the books from the 87th Precinct series, so I am guilty of over-expectations from this collection of short stories. The first thing I realised was that hardly any of these stories have anything to do with crime, indeed in this collection of 12 stories, only one – or two – has – or have – a (tenuous) link with crime. This is a collection of, to put it simply, stories. Don’t expect a twist at the end or a problem to be solved or even a clean ending. Instead what we have here is a set of tales – simple and complex – written by a master of the art. Some are moving, some simply make you smile. Most of them touch a nerve somewhere. My personal favourites were Million Dollar Maybe, The Fallen Angel, The Innocent One, Alive Again and Pretty Eyes. Maybe that just betrays my prejudice towards clean endings or a closure of some sort in any tale. What is however evident in every one of these stories is the clarity of thought and the ability of a writer to convey the essence of any situation through mere words. Enjoy this book just for that experience.