Book - The Language Of Others

Clare Morrall - 2008
Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 9780340896679
The Language Of Others
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The Language of Others

The world is a puzzling, sometimes frightening place for Jessica Fontaine. As a child she only finds contentment in playing the piano and wandering alone in the empty spaces of Audlands Hall, the dilapidated country house where she grows up. Twenty-five years later, divorced, with her son still living at home, Jessica remains preoccupied by the desire to create space around her. Then her volatile ex-husband reappears, the first of several surprises that both transform Jessica’s present and give her a startling new perspective on the past. This is the the absorbing story of a woman who spends much of her life feeling that she is out of step with the real world, until she discovers why. Related with humor and compassion, it offers a fresh, illuminating insight into what it means to be normal.