Book - Civilisation

Kenneth Clark - 1969
Harper & Row
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'Kenneth Clark has used his masterly knowledge and understanding of the arts of Western Civilisation to describe and appraise its creative achievements.' (Times Literary Supplement )

'Combines great learning with a shrewd mind, a wonderful eye and an admirable generosity of taste ... again and again he compels us to look at some more or less familiar work of art and see it afresh.' (Observer )

'He is without equal' (The Listener )

'One of the too few living authors who tempt me to use superlatives, and also the best for making his profound feeling for the arts contagious. The book glows with excitement for us general readers.' (Sunday Times )

'The most famous art historian of his generation'

(The Herald magazine )

'Civilisation is an improving text, even after 35 years'

(Paul Lay, BBC History )

Times Literary Supplement

'Masterly knowledge and understanding of the arts of Western Civilisation'