Book - Dead And Buried

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - 1980
Warner Books
ISBN: 0446912689
Dead And Buried
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These words, spoken by the anonymous killers roaming the night around Potter's Bluff, a quaint sea side community, are more prophetic than one would think. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's novelization of the screenplay by the screenwriters of Alien, Dan O' Bannon and Ronald Shussett, joins a very select few books that are actually superior to the film's they adapt into print (Orson Scott Card's The Abyss and Dennis Etchison's The Fog are two others). You can feel the damp chill of the fog as it swirls around those unfortunate souls caught in Potter's Bluff after nightfall. As the bodies stack up the town's sheriff digs deeper and deeper into the mystery, but the answer he finds may cost him his sanity. Highly recommended.

There is an exisying stamp in this book for The Book Case, a used book shop in Clearwater Florida. I wonder if they are still there?