Book - The Book Of Fate

Brad Meltzer - 2007
ISBN: 9780340825068
The Book Of Fate
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Presidential aide Wes Holloway seemingly has it all, great job, great friends, he's on the top of the world. Then one day an assassin named Nico decides to take out Holloway's boss, President Leland Manning. He doesn't succeed, but he kills Deputy Chief of Staff Ron Boyle, who was there because of a change of plans at the last minute. Holloway is also wounded by a shot to his face, which disfigures him and takes away the use of some of his facial muscles.

Flash forward eight years. Holloway still works for Manning, though Manning is no longer president, when he thinks he sees Ron Boyle. Holloway has always blamed himself for Boyle's death, because of that change of plans. And now he finds the man isn't dead, after all. Why not? Then Nico breaks out of jail and Holloway just knows he's coming to finish the job he started.

How does all this tie in with Thomas Jefferson and the Masons? Gotta get the book to find that out, but let me tell you, you won't be disappointed, even though Holloway may not be your most striking protagonist -- he's no Robert Langdon, that's for sure -- he's a likable enough fellow, who you can't help but feeling sorry for. He's as real as you or me. He's in a lot of trouble. And this is a down to earth, dynamite good story.