Book - Id Tell You I Love You But Then Id Have To Kill You

Ally Carter - 2006
Orchard Books
ISBN: 9781408309513
Id Tell You I Love You But Then Id Have To Kill You
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Cammie Morgan is your typical student at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. She takes the same classes, and she has the same ambition: to become a spy. Under the guise of a school for rich geniuses, the Gallagher Academy is really a spy academy for exceptional young women. And exceptional they are. Martial arts black belts, fluency in fourteen languages, and expert hacking abilities are simply par for the course if you're a Gallagher Girl. Sophomore year is when the students start their first field work, in Covert Operations (CoveOps to those in the know) class. Cammie and her friends are thrilled that they're finally getting real experience. Then Cammie takes on a covert operation of her own. Out one night she meets a boy -- and falls for him. Unfortunately, he's an ordinary boy, and Cammie's no ordinary girl. Unable to tell him who she really is, she uses all her skills to track him and accidently-on-purpose bump into him. But is that enough? In a school where final exams involve being kidnapped, Cammie is about to get her most challenging assignment: transforming herself into a normal girl to date a normal boy. Quick-witted, clever, and poignant, this story is as interesting as any CoveOps assignment, with a cast of characters that makes it unforgettable.

This book looks like it was caught in the rain or went through a shower. The pages are all sort of wrinkled. As such a premium of 25p has been added to this book to reflect this extra crappy feature.