Book - Merde Happens

Stephen Clarke - 2008
Black Swan
ISBN: 9780552773515
Merde Happens
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Q: What happens when an Englishman, an American, and a French woman drive across America in a Mini? A: Merde Happens ...

Clarke's version of America is every bit as funny as his version of France. Paul West (lead character)drives across the US in an attempt to win a contest that will save his business back in Paris. Aside from the inevitable culture clashes, what makes this book so enjoyable is his relationships with his friends, who are a ragged yet good hearted bunch who end up looking out for one another as Paul West gets himself into one weird (and occasionally life-threatening) situation after another.I have read the previous 2 books based on the Paul West character, and I found this to be every bit as engaging, although I did not care for the end, and a few plots were too far fetched to suspend belief. But as with the other 2, I found myself laughing aloud several times.

This is an extra crappy book as the first 24 pages have come away from the spine, and as such I have added a premium of 1p per page extra ontop of the normal crappy price to reflect this added feature. The first 24 pages are there, they are just loose, which means you can read them without the hassle of having to handle the heafy weight of the next 356 pages which are all inconveniently glued to the spine thus reducing their individual portability, a feature which the first 24 pages are not restricted by.