Book - Ring Around The Sun

Clifford D Simak - 1969
Avon Books
ISBN: None
Ring Around The Sun
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Ring Around The Sun by Clifford D Simak

Here is a straight science fantasy... It deals with the daydream of a better world next door; the powers of paranormal magics like mesmerizing spin of a childs top; a superscience that can produce indestructible modernconveniences practically free of charge; and the inspiring struggle between the humdrum dirtiness of earthly industrialism and the enchantment of far-advanced science in the 'better' parallel world.

This book has a picture of the sun on the back page which has been cleverly anotated by someone with a pen with a smiley face and a rough speach bubble that says "im freaky" which was nice of someone. You can own this uniquely annotated version of this book by buying it now.