Book - Lust For Life

Irving Stone - 1963
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Lust For Life
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Lust For Life by Irving Stone

A novel based on the life of Vincent Van Gogh

A flame with genius and desire, Vincnet Van Gogh wished, like other men, to be loved, to be famous, to find contentment in a full life. But his genius - his demon - interfered. It drove him into a life of incredible violence.

Poverty, debauchery, utter degrradation - he came to know all these with a terrible intimacy. People called him a madman and fled from him, never perceiving his agonized lonliness. He searched frantically for a wife, but only prostitutes would have him.

Not even in his painting did he find peace - for he painted in a desperate frenzy. His pictures were laughed at. Today they are prized as the work of an incomparably great artist. Thi snovel is his story.