Book - American Temperance Movements

Jack S Blocker - 1989
Twayne Publishers
ISBN: 0805797270
American Temperance Movements
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American temperance movements by Jack S Blocker

Jack S Blocker Jr shows that attempts to control drinking, whether by 'moral suasion' or legal coercion, have been a persistent feature of the American political and social landscape from the eighteenth century to the 1980's. Blocker includes an analysis of American drinking practices and the development of the liquor industry as he traces the failures and successes of five cycles of reform. Emphasizing women's central role in the movement, he offers a balanced assessment of the causes and motivations of temperance reform. Unique in its comprehensiveness and chronological scope, American Temperance Movements: Cycles of Reform makes sense of a central theme of American political and social life for the student and general reader.