Book - The Night Boat

Robert R McCammon - 1984
Avon Books
ISBN: 038075598x
The Night Boat
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This is the second book by McCammon that I read, and again I'm please, ok this is fiction and it can be unbelieveable "SO WHAT" it is a story and a fast paced one at that. A Nazi Sub rises to the surface after 40 years with the crew mummified and still living due to a VOODOO curse. The towns people, (thinking they have a historical find), tow it into the local harbor. I'm sure you can piece the rest together. Yes, there are vivid scenes of cannabalism that are down right nasty and disgusting, but it is a horror book and if you don't like it you shouldn't read it. Simply put, I liked "THE NIGHT BOAT" I recommend it to any horror lover. It is an easy read worth the time. Trouble is, it is out of print & hard to find a copy, the flea markets are the best place to try and look for one.