Book - Rambo First Blood Part 2

David Morrell - 1985
Jove Books
ISBN: 0515083992
Rambo First Blood Part 2
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Rambo:First Blood II was based on the screenplay by Slyvester Stallone and James Cameron. So David Morrell didn't have that much to work with. The plot is predictable. The CIA believes that they have located American POW's alive in Vietnam and dispatches Rambo to locate and bring back intelligance so the a team can be sent in. This was a very familar plot in the 1980's, in books, movies and even tv shows. The best of them is Mission:MIA by JC Pollack. This is a distant second. Of course, Rambo can't complete his mission and winds up rescuing the POW's by himself. Of course the CIA can't be trusted and of course he will take on most of the North Vietnamese Army single handedly. Even with all those flaws, Morrell's rapid fire action sequences and purposefully choppy writing style draw the reader in. It's the lesser of his works, lacking the intensity of his horror and the complexity of his espionage novels. This is an action addict's version of a cheesy romance novel- a guilty pleasure you hate to admit to.