Book - The Devils Dress

Mary Mann Fletcher - 1972
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The Devils Dress
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The Devils Dress by Mary Mann Fletcher

Invitation to Nightmare

Everyone liked Ivy Langer. She was empty-headed, shallow in personality, and incompetent in every job she had ever tried... but there was something that made people want to help Ivy, and her little daughter, Roseanne. Muriel Green found Ivy a job in her office, and when Ivy goofed that one, found her another, as governess to another child. No matter what faults she might have, no one could deny that Ivy loved children... and the job seemed perfect, heaven sent. Or was the origin of that job in hell? Shortly after Ivy moved out of her life, Muriel recieved a cry for help... a cry of terror. Ivy and Roseannewere thrust into a nightmare world... and Muriel knew that she was directly responsible. Would she be able to rescue them? She knew that she must make the effort... even if it meant her own life... 

This is a speacial "Easy Eye" version with larger type and non-glare paper... lol