Book - Day Of Reckoning

Jack Higgins - 2000
ISBN: 0002261278
Day Of Reckoning
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Day of reckoning by Jack Higgins

The incomparable Jack Higgins returns with a terrific new thriller, featuring his enigmatic hero Sean Dillon and a battle to defeat a Mafia don.

It's all action and suspense as Sean Dillon and his secret intelligence colleagues seek to help American White House security insider Blake Johnson avenge the death of his ex-wife, a reporter murdered for getting too close to a Mafia story.

In London, Beirut and Ireland, the daredevil friends are prepared to risk everything as they combine to thwart the ever more desperate ambition of Mafia frontman Jack Fox. Here in his eighth adventure, former IRA terrorist turned secret British Government enforcer Sean Dillon is now established as one of the great characters in modern fiction, while Jack Higgins has an unrivalled position as the biggest name in thriller writing around the world.

Fast-paced and relentlessly gripping, Day of Reckoning is one of his finest works, destined to become yet another in a long line of international bestsellers.