Book - Perfect Timing

Jill Mansell - 1999
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ISBN: 0747257833
Perfect Timing
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Perfect Timing by Jill Mansel

For this genre (and we all know what it is!!) "Perfect Timing" is, well, perfect. Yes, some of the characters and plot lines are a bit over the top, but life can be a bit wacky too. The dialog is funny and the story moves along just like you'd want it to. I like the twist on the story that's too good to be true - we all know that if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. For those of you who aren't familiar with Jill Mansell's books, she usually takes one or two outrageous elements to begin with. To this, she adds a cast of totally realistic and believable characters that make the whole thing ring true. The result is just enough escapism, with a good balance of real life. She also writes solid dialog that rings true, with gentle humor and wit. She's written many, many wonderful books - too bad this is the only one that's available (as of today) on Amazon in the US. If you like Perfect Timing, I suggest trying for her other books.l