Book - The House

Danielle Steel - 2007
Corgi Adult
ISBN: 9780552151801
The House
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The House by Danielle Steel

No matter what people may think I once was a Danielle Steel junkie. As soon as he newest book reached a bookstore 9this was pre Internet days), I was there grabbing her latest book. And I have suchfond memories of her titles like Season of Passion, The Ring, Crossings, The Promise and most recently Ghost. I also had to watch all of the made for TV movies and then would have to reread the books they were based on again. And then a funny thing happened to this loyal Steel reader. I found that her new books no longer interested me and the ones I did finish was because I decided to stick them out till the end. Recently I did enjoy Steel's book The Ghost and today keephoing that a new book by this author would really grab me. When I read the premise of her latest book, The House, I thought this might be that book which grabbed me and took hold. I ultimately thought that while it was an OK book, it left me yearning for the years when her books really enticed me and made me want to read more of this author's title.

Sarah is a 38 year old estate attorney trapped in a four year realtionbship with a man who only sees her on the weekends. And Sarah seems to be content with the way things are, afraid face facts and be alone.

When her very elderly and extremely wealthy client dies, Sarah feels as if she has lost a grandfather. She wonders why he spent his life amassing a fortune and living in an attic room of his huge San Francisco home. Then while dispersing his very
sizable estate among 19 relatives whome he hardly knew during his life, Sarah receives an inheritance she never expected with along with a letter which encourages her to do something which the money which will provide her with a happy and meaningful life. He reflects that while he never had a family or friends and spend his time and energies amassing his fortune, life should be lived to the fullest surrounded by love.

In a bold and unusal move Satah decides to use the money to purchase and bring his home back to the glory days it once knew. And while she is in the process of renovating her home, Sarah learns more about the family whom originally occuppied the home, a family secret concerning her grandmother but most of all, about unconditional love.

Set in both San Francisco and the chateaus of the Loire Valley, Steel does a find jobe of capturing the essence of both areas. But she glosses over the history of the home and the original inhabitants preferring to tie up the book with the inevitable happy ending for the principal characters.

I read this book while on a plane hoping it would provide me with that AHHHH moment but in the end it was a title I most likely won't ever recommend to a person that wants to begin reading Danielle Steel's books. Now, I think the time has come for me to remember this authors older books and pass on reading her new titles.