Book - How To Kill Your Husband

Kathy Lette - 2007
Pocket Books
ISBN: 97807743468763
How To Kill Your Husband
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How to Kill Your Husband (and Other Handy Household Hints)

Kathy's writing can sparkle and shine and she is extremely clever and funny. However, I didn't enjoy the endlessly graphic sex and I think I am a little over the "I do everything and my husband does nothing" lament.
The story is basically about three friends - one (Jasmine) is married to an inhumanly humane doctor who rushes around the world helping people; one (the narrator Cassie) is married to a slob, gorgeous though he is; and one is married to a man who is happy to be the baby of the household. The book starts with Jas in jail for murdering her husband. The rest of the book is Cassie's recounting of how it happened that Jas got into that predicament.
It is a light read, and enjoyable in parts - but I think I need to Lette myself read some other things!