Book - Denmark

Joanna Hald, Marek Pernal and Jakub Sito - 2005
Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 1405310642
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Denmark by Joanna Hald, Marek Pernal and Jakub Sito

Eyewitness Guides make learning about foreign countries a fun and dynamic experience due to their outstanding use of a generous amount of detailed, full-color visuals. This guide is especially welcome as Denmark, a small-sized yet complex nation, has relatively few guidebooks compared to some of the more popular and well-travelled countries to its south. I would have happily given this guidebook 5 stars but numerous times a privately-run amusement park was plugged in a way to make that park's PR director more happy than the reader. Other than this editorial lapse in judgement, a very fine guidebook I highly recommend.