Book - The Millionaire Bosss Baby

Maggie Cox - 2007
Harlequin Mills & Boon
ISBN: 9780263853384
The Millionaire Bosss Baby
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The Millionaire Boss's Baby by Maggie Cox

The Millionaire Boss's Baby is a sweet even paced romance. I enjoyed the heroine Georgia and the hero Keir. This book was the reverse when it came to understanding the inner workings of the characters emotions. The author worked hard to give you a full view of hero's mind and his emotional feelings and what made him tick. I loved that Georgia was a down to earth woman, she was not a whiner and a emotional "dependent wreck". I liked that this was a straight forward romance with not a lot of hidden elements and no ridiculous misunderstandings. If you are a Maggie Cox fan or if this is a first read by the author for you I recommend this book.