Book - The Calhoun Women

Nora Roberts - 1996
ISBN: 0373483325
The Calhoun Women
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The Calhoun Women

This wonderful collection of four novels brings together in one volume the stories of the Calhoun sisters: Courting Catherine, A Man for Amanda, For the Love of Lilah, and Suzanna's Surrender. The sisters are the proud owners of The Towers, a rambling fortress of a house in Bar Harbor, Maine. Family legend holds that the old mansion hides a treasure of glittering emeralds, but before the jewels can be found, danger threatens the lives of the sisters and the men they love. Author Nora Roberts has a well-deserved reputation for excellence, and these novels are four wonderful examples of her ability to spin a great yarn. Fans will relish this collection for its heartfelt romance, intriguing mystery, and wonderfully strong, sometimes delightfully eccentric characters.