Book - Nora Roberts Collection

Nora Roberts - 1993
Silhouette Books
ISBN: 0373590296
Nora Roberts Collection
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Nora Roberts Collection

A collection of 3 books

The Last Honest Woman: When Dylan Crosby came to interview Abigail OHurley Rockwell about her infamous late husband, he expected white mink and diamonds. Instead he found a woman struggling to keep a roof over her head. Just how honest was she being with him - and what was she trying to hide?

Dance To The Piper: Recording mogul Reed Valentine saw the world in black and white - and women were on the dark side, not to be trusted. So when Maddy OHurley whirled into his life, bringing colour and laughter, he instantly became suspicious.

Skin Deep: Even though film star Chantel OHurley was being harassed by an obsessive "admirer", she didnt want some private investigator telling her what to do. Quinn Doran resented playing nursemaid to a spoiled star. But one look at the cool blonde showed him how easy it was to become obsessed with a woman like Chantel...