Book - Beer Lovers Companion

Josh Leventhal - 2006
Ullmann Publishing
ISBN: 3829035004
Beer Lovers Companion
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Beer Lovers Companion

Take a fascinating, informative and mouth-watering tour of the world's greatest breweries: from innovative microbreweries in the American West to revered and venerable breweries of Europe. Learn about the globe's tastiest brews. Discover new favourites from breweries steeped in heritage and tradition; their brewing processes perfected through the centuries. This illustrated guide offers both the connoisseur and new aficionado the essential information to help find perfect beers for each individual's taste, from hoppy ales to hardy stouts to crisp hefeweizens. Over 400 of the greatest beers on earth are included. Organised by brewery, each listing explores the flavours of the most significant beers and includes a one-to-three-mug rating by a professional taster. You'll also discover where each brew is made and how each region's production method and ingredients vary. This is the most comprehensive and enlightening guide to the world's favourite beverage that belongs in every beer lover's library.