Book - An Ignoble Profession

Louis Sanders and Michael Mills - 2005
Serpents Tail
ISBN: 1852428406
An Ignoble Profession
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An Ignoble Profession

"Like Death in the Dordogne, which would give anyone second thoughts about renting that adorable cottage in rural France, Louis Sanders's silken sequel, The Englishman's Wife, is nasty enough to drive property rentals in the Perigord down to a new low" -New York Times Book ReviewDeep in the Dordogne, a book appears in local bookshops and the tale it tells is immediately recognized by four seemingly innocent retired English couples. Different names, but the murky details of their pasts are deadly accurate. Who is the mysterious writer? How much does he know? Reality is stranger than fiction in this wickedly funny novel, which won first prize at the 2003 Cognac Crime Writing Festival.Louis Sanders studied English at the Sorbonne and lived for several years in Britain. An Ignoble Profession is his third novel set among the British community in the Dordogne where he now lives.