Book - Husband - - Or Enemy?

Caroline Cross - 2000
ISBN: 0373763301
Husband - - Or Enemy?
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Husband - - Or Enemy?

Riley Fortune is out on bail though he is being charged with the murder of Mike Dodd, a young construction worker. Months ago, when the tragic "accident" occurred on the site of the new medical center, Riley went the extra mile to comfort Angelica Dodd, sister to the victim. He discontinued contact with her the morning after. Now, months later, he finds himself an expectant father and unable to use his legendary charm to persuade the hard-working waitress to marry him for the sake of their child. Angelica was crushed by Riley's disappearance but she forced herself to go on alone. But now that Riley has discovered the existence of their child, she finds herself plagued by his constant presence and all too tempted to give in to his proposal.

The title of this story is certainly misleading. Whether Riley is truly Angelica's enemy is never in question because it is not murder that stands between them. Instead, it is the circumstances surrounding their night together that get in the way of the development of their relationship. Riley is a man who is known for being selfish but there is a gentleness he hides, which Angelica initially brought out upon her brother's death. Throughout the story, Angelica tries to reconcile the Riley she loves with the black reputation he has supposedly earned. Though she uncovers evidence concerning her brother's murder, that aspect of the story remains secondary to the bond that develops between her and Riley. Cross displays ample talent in writing this story of a man who is more than he seems and the woman who is able to see exactly what he is.