Book - Water Marked - A Novel

Helen Elaine Lee - 2001
ISBN: 0684865734
Water Marked - A Novel
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Water Marked: A Novel

A note in the mail announcing "He's been alive. He died last week," summons Sunday Owens from Chicago to her native town. It's been five years since she's seen her sister, Delta, but more draws her to their childhood home than a desire for reconciliation with Delta; Sunday returns to claim her story and to unearth the secrets that have shaped her since her father disappeared. Looking for clues to their father's past, they comb through the accumulated mementos of their old house and trade stories and childhood memories. A new portrait of the Owens family gradually emerges as Sunday and Delta grapple with why their father chose to abandon them. Meanwhile, they confront their own personal struggles and work to repair the tattered bonds of sisterhood. Resonating with mesmerizing language and deep emotion, Water Marked shows how family can both heal and hurt, and how the past can reach out for you no matter where you are.