Book - Paris Trance

Geoff Dyer - 2003
ISBN: 0349112045
Paris Trance
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Paris Trance

People talk about love at first sight, about the way that men and women fall for each other immediately, but there is also such a thing as friendship at first sight .' In Paris, two couples form an intimacy that will change their lives forever. As they discover the clubs and cafes of the eleventh arrondissement, the four become inseparable, united by deeply held convictions about dating strategies, tunnelling in P.O.W. films and, crucially, the role of the Styrofoam cup in American thrillers. Experiencing the exhilarating highs of Ecstasy and sex, they reach a peak of rapture - the come-down from which is unexpected and devastating. In his latest novel Dyer fixes a dream of happiness - and its aftermath - with photographic precision. Erotic and elegaic, funny and romantic, PARIS TRANCE confirms Dyer as one of Britain's most original and talented writers.