Book - Flight Of The Intruder

Stephen Coonts - 1990
ISBN: 0671709607
Flight Of The Intruder
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Flight Of The Intruder

Stephen Coonts flew A-6's in Vietnam. He has the credentials to write this story, which helps explain its long stay on the best seller list. A-6's were called Intruders. Their pilots tackled assignments of dazzling complexity and flew them with daring and dispatch. But they paid a lost lives, disillusion, incredible tension. They had one reward -- exhilaration -- worth the whole candle. You share the airmen's special brand of comradery, the one stabilizing force in an otherwise precarious life, that only an insider knows. "Documentary and dramatic, FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER is to the novel what TOP GUN was to film." (B-O-T Editorial Review Board)