Book - The Affair

Sandy Hingston - 2003
Berkley Books
ISBN: 0425189074
The Affair
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The affair

The young nobleman Gannon Finn falls hopelessly in love with the slightly older and much more worldly Christiane d'Oliveri and stubbornly tries to "save" her from a life of sin as the proprietress of a very profitable Parisian gambling establishment. But after one night of passion, Christiane sends the enamored young lord away. Twenty years later their paths cross again when Gannon arrives to enroll his niece, Claire, at Mrs. Treadwell's Academy for the Elevation of Young Women only to discover that Christiane is one of the school's headmistresses. Christiane tries to keep her distance, but when she becomes caught up in Claire's anguish--she witnessed the brutal murder of her parents--she turns to Gannon for help and finds indulging in a bit of romance with the devilishly handsome nobleman too tempting to resist. A delightfully different heroine confronts her past and takes another chance at romance in Hingston's latest historical Regency, the second of her books to feature Mrs. Treadwell's Academy. Fans of Christina Dodd and Eloisa James will relish this author's compelling characters and witty writing in this charming and sensually charged romance.