Book - Moon Of Ice

Brad Linaweaver - 1993
ISBN: 0812520203
Moon Of Ice
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Moon Of Ice

Set 30 years after the Nazis won world war II.

First time in paperback.

Hitler did not lose World War II in Linaweaver's alternate history. After developing his own atom bomb, he conquered most of Europe and Russia but reached a stalemate with America. In the ensuing cold war, Germany suffers renewed inflation and is stifled by an overstratified bureaucracy while America prospers but becomes Balkanized with an ever-weaker Federal government. This warped mirror image of our world is seen through the eyes of New York editor Alan Whittmore and through two of his publications: the diaries of aging Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and his rebellious, anarchist daughter Hilda. Linaweaver's relegating the Holocaust to a small corner of his sometimes comic opera plot is sure to offend some, but he also offers a provocative rereading of the last half century, comparing FDR's powers to Hitler's, considering the war crimes trial of Winston Churchill and, in the book's grabber, describing a hugely popular Nazi propaganda film that turns out to be Raiders of the Lost Ark with every ethnic stereotype intact.