Book - Send In The Devils

Robert Cremins - 2001
ISBN: 0340717254
Send In The Devils
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Send in the devils

Bestselling Irish author's second hilarious novel All of Dublin is asking 'What is John Paul Mountain, of all people, doing in Maverick, Texas?' The son of Ireland's first media family, John Paul had been raised to sell nothing but himself. Within a few years of spinning out of Trinity, he had failed to make it as a front man, film-maker and poet-provocateur. But why disappear to a Texan city made up of world-within-a-world shopping malls? Peter Dagg, John Paul's old friend, is charged with the mission to return the prodigal son to the fold. At least in time for Peter's marriage to John Paul's sister, Suzette. However, soon new emissaries from Dublin are on their way...SEND IN THE DEVILS is an exceptionally entertaining portrait of the heirs apparent to the booming riches of new Ireland. Acclaimed novelist Robert Cremins takes us on a fast and funny ride through the land of the beautiful and the damned.