Book - Elizabeth I - Religion And Foreign Affairs

John Warren - 1993
Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 0340555181
Elizabeth I - Religion And Foreign Affairs
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Elizabeth I: religion and foreign affairs

The first of two volumes covering the reign of Elizabeth I, this title examines the central issues of religion and foreign affairs throughout the period 1558-1603. The text traces the Elizabethan religious settlement and, in particular, the impact of Elizabeth's own responses to the pressures of Catholics and Protestants alike. A second volume, "Elizabeth and the Government of England" will complete the series' coverage of the political history of the Tudors. This is part of the "Access to History" series which is designed for A-level and Higher Grade students, and first year undergraduates, and includes a text, a selection of source material, chronological tables and summary flow-chart diagrams.