Book - The Poetry Of WB Yeats

Nicholas Drake - 1991
ISBN: 0140771328
The Poetry Of WB Yeats
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The poetry of WB Yeats

This is an A-level revision guide giving a critical approach to W.B. Yeats, which is largely based on the Macmillan "W.B. Yeats' Selected Poems". The author places the poetry of W.B. Yeats in the context of his mythological learning and evolviong metaphysical philosophy as well as that of Irish history. He traces the development of Yeats from fin-de-siecle Symbolist, through his public role as spokesman of Irish culture and politics, to the energetic and angry old man whose works are filled with "angry joy". His analysis of the poems is illuminated by a wide use of Yeats' prose and dramatic works that highlights significant themes, particularly the creative oppositions between the natural and the supernatural and the poet and the modern world.