Book - The Black Baroness

Dennis Wheatley - 1960
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ISBN: none
The Black Baroness
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This book is sort of falling to bit. Most of the pages are on their spine but two blocks of pages have seperated fromt the back after about page 250 or so and they both need gluing back to the spine. The cover slip also needs gluing but once all glued it will be awesome and will impress all your pals.

In this exciting Scarlet Impostor story Dennis Wheatley takes as his background the seventy terrific days from Hitler's invasion of Norway in April to the surrender of the French in June. Gregory Sallust once more plays his part in adventure after adventure in Scandinavia the Low Countries and right through France; his adversary on this occasion being the Black Baroness the French associate of his old enemy Herr Gruppenfuhrer Grauber.