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Times Newspapers - 1837
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Events 1837

February – Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist begins publication in serial form in London.

May – W. F. Cooke and Charles Wheatstone patented a system of electrical telegraph.

June 20 – 18-year-old Queen Victoria accedes to the throne of the United Kingdom on the death of her uncle William IV without legitimate heirs. She will reign for more than 63 years. Under Salic law, the Kingdom of Hanover passes to William's brother, Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, ending the personal union of Britain and Hanover which has persisted since 1714.

July 13 – Queen Victoria moves from Kensington Palace into Buckingham Palace, the first reigning British monarch to make this, rather than St James's Palace, her London home.

September – Battle of Aranzueque: Liberal victory for the forces loyal to Queen Isabel II of Spain, end of the Carlist campaign known as the Expedición Real – The First Carlist War.

September 28 – Samuel Morse files a caveat for a patent for the telegraph.

October 10 - October 13 – The French army besieges and captures Constantine in French Algeria.

December 17 – Fire in the Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg.