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Times Newspapers - 1897
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Events 1897

8 January – Frederick Temple enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury.

29 March – Church of England encyclical replies to the Papal Apostolicae Curiae (1896) defending the validity of Anglican orders.

10 April – Aston Villa win the FA Cup with a 3–2 win over Everton in the final at Crystal Palace. Having already sealed the Football League title, they have completed the double.

17 April – Double winners Aston Villa move into their new stadium, Villa Park in Birmingham.

10 May – The Blue Cross animal welfare charity is founded as Our Dumb Friends League in London, a "society for the encouragement of kindness to animals".

13 May – Guglielmo Marconi sends the first ever wireless communication over open sea when the message "Are you ready" is transmitted across the Bristol Channel from Lavernock Point in South Wales to Flat Holm Island, a distance of 3.7 miles (6.0 km).

19 May – The Anglo-Irish writer Oscar Wilde is released from Reading Gaol.

22 May – The Blackwall Tunnel, at this time the longest underwater tunnel in the world, is opened for road traffic beneath the River Thames in the East End of London by the Prince of Wales.

22 June – Queen Victoria celebrates her accession to the throne in 1837 with her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, centred on London.

26 June – At the Diamond Jubilee Fleet Review at Spithead, Charles Parsons gives an audacious unscheduled display before the world's navies of the unprecedented speed attainable by his steam turbine-powered Turbinia.

July – Sir Benjamin Stone establishes the National Photographic Record Association.

21 July – The Tate Gallery opens.

26 July – 2 August – Siege of Malakand: British troops besieged by Pashtun tribesmen in Malakand.

10 August – The Automobile Club of Great Britain (now known as the Royal Automobile Club) founded in London.

19 August – First horseless, electric, taxicabs begin operating in London.

20 August – Physician Ronald Ross discovers malarial parasites.

10 September – First conviction for drink-driving given to London taxi driver George Smith.

12 September – Battle of Saragarhi: 21 Sikhs from the 36th Sikhs regiment of the British Indian Army battle 10,000 Afghans to the death.