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Times Newspapers - 1882
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Events 1882

25 January — London Chamber of Commerce founded.

2 March — Roderick Maclean fails in an attempt to assassinate Queen Victoria at Windsor.

24 March — Jumbo the elephant departs from Britain having been sold by London Zoo to the American showman P. T. Barnum for $10,000.

25 March — Old Etonians F.C. beat Blackburn Rovers 1–0 in the FA Cup Final at The Oval, the last time an amateur team will win.

2 May — 'Kilmainham Treaty', an agreement between the British government and the gaoled Irish nationalist leader Charles Stewart Parnell extending the terms of the Second Irish Land Act (1881) to abate tenant rent arrears, is announced.

6 May — Phoenix Park Murders in Ireland: Lord Frederick Cavendish, the newly appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland, and Thomas Henry Burke, his Permanent Undersecretary, are fatally stabbed in Phoenix Park, Dublin, by members of the "Irish National Invincibles" (militant Irish republicans).

18 May — The fourth Eddystone Lighthouse is illuminated for the first time; its designer, James Douglass is knighted the following month.

11–13 July — Anglo-Egyptian War: The British Mediterranean Fleet carries out the Bombardment of Alexandria, its forces capturing the city of Alexandria in Egypt and securing the Suez Canal.

18 August — Married Women's Property Act enables wives to buy, own and sell property and to keep their own earnings, with effect from 1883.

13 September — Anglo-Egyptian War: British troops occupy Cairo and Egypt becomes British protectorate.

28 October — Six Benedictine monks return to commence the rebuilding of Buckfast Abbey in Devon, largely destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

25 November — The Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera Iolanthe is first produced at the Savoy Theatre in London.

4 December — Queen Victoria opens the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

28 December — Newlands Mill chimney in Bradford collapses causing the loss of 54 lives, mostly young girls and boys.