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Poor condition set of two. These are the oldest volumes I have. They are not in great condition with much of the spine lost but they are still bound and usable. They just wouldnt make an ideal birthday present. They are quite thin volumes as well and a light tan in colour as opposed to the mainly oxbrown red that all the other volumes are in.

These ones dont look like the photo. I'll get a proper photo at some point, maybe in a year or so when I have a spare 5 minutes.

Events 1830

February 3 – The London Protocol establishes the full independence and sovereignty of Greece from the Ottoman Empire as the final result of the Greek War of Independence.

June 26 – William IV succeeds his brother George IV as King of the United Kingdom.

July 5 – France invades Algeria.

July 13 – The General Assembly's Institution, now the Scottish Church College, one of the pioneering institutions that ushered the Bengal Renaissance, is founded by Alexander Duff and Raja Ram Mohan Roy, in Calcutta, India.

July 27 – France: The July Revolution begins (see also 1830 in France).

August 9 – France: Louis Philippe becomes King of the French.

August 13 – France: Duc de Broglie becomes Prime Minister.

August 25 – The Belgian Revolution begins.

August 31 – Edwin Beard Budding is granted a patent for the invention of the lawnmower.

September 15 – The Liverpool and Manchester Railway opens, the world's first intercity passenger railway operated solely by steam locomotives.

September 27 – The Belgian Revolution ends by liberating Brussels from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.

October 4 – The Provisional Government in Brussels declares the creation of the independent state of Belgium, in revolt against the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.

November 2 – France: Jacques Laffitte succeeds the Duc de Broglie as Prime Minister.

November 8 – Ferdinand II becomes King of the Two Sicilies.

November 22 – The Whig Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey succeeds Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

November 29 – The Polish insurrection begins in Warsaw against Russian rule.

December 20 – The independence of Belgium is recognized by the Great Powers.