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Times Newspapers - 1860
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Events 1860

1 January — Cray Wanderers Football Club formed in St Mary Cray, north Kent.

25 January — HMS Prince of Wales, a 121-gun screw-propelled first-rate ship of the line is launched at Portsmouth Dockyard.

February — Royal Commission on the Defence of the United Kingdom recommends erection of the Palmerston Forts.

27 February — Paddle steamer Nimrod is wrecked off St David's Head in Wales and 45 people are killed.

March — Food and Drugs Act, 1860 prohibits the adulteration of certain foodstuffs.

7 March — HMS Howe, the Royal Navy’s last, largest and fastest wooden first-rate three-decker ship of the line, is launched at Pembroke Dockyard but never completed for sea service.

17 March — First Taranaki War between Maoris and British colonists in New Zealand begins.

April — The last major bare-knuckle boxing match in England ends in a draw.

9 July — The Nightingale Training School and Home for Nurses, the first nursing school based on the ideas of Florence Nightingale, is opened at St Thomas' Hospital in London.

22 August — The British navy assists the troops of Giuseppe Garibaldi cross from Sicily to the mainland of Italy.

30 August — The first street trams in Britain are introduced in Birkenhead.

October — John Hanning Speke and James Augustus Grant leave Zanzibar to search for source of the Nile.

5 October — Austria, Britain, France, Prussia and the Ottoman Empire form a commission to investigate causes of the massacres of Maronite Christians, committed by Druzes in Lebanon earlier in the year.

17 October — The first professional golf tournament is held at Prestwick in Scotland, sometimes regarded as the first Open, although it is not truly open until the following year.

18 October — Second Opium War: Lord Elgin orders his forces to set fire to the huge complex of Beijing's Old Summer Palace, known as the Gardens of Perfect Brightness, which burns to the ground. The first Convention of Peking formally ends the War.

November — The 'Temporary Home for Lost and Starving Dogs', predecessor of the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, is established in London by Mary Tealby.

1 December -  Charles Dickens publishes the first installment of Great Expectations in his magazine All the Year Round.

1 December - The sixth underground explosion in the Risca Black Vein Pit at Crosskeys in the Sirhowy Valley of Monmouthshire kills 142 coal miners.

29 December — The world's first ocean-going (all) iron-hulled and armoured battleship, HMS Warrior is launched.