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Good condition set of three. This is the only year I have sat down and read yet, or at least the May-Aug volume and I have only read about the first 20% of it. Its a matter of time but its incredibly interesting.

Events 1853

20 January — The United Kingdom annexes Lower Burma ending the Second Anglo-Burmese War.

4 February — Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society takes its first deposits.

15 February — PS Queen Victoria sinks in a snowstorm at night entering Dublin Bay with the loss of more than 80 lives.

18 February — A treaty is signed with the United States concerning international copyright.

May — The world's first public aquarium is opened in London Zoo.

6 June — Naval fleet travels to Besika Bay to fend off Russian threats to the Ottoman Empire.

25 June — Hochster v De La Tour, a landmark case on anticipatory breach of contract in English contract law, is decided in the Court of Queen's Bench.

1 July — First constitution of the Cape Colony provides for a legislative council.

12 August — Licensing (Scotland) Act (known after its sponsor as the 'Forbes Mackenzie Act') regulates the supply of intoxicating beverages in Scotland.

September (approx.) — First pillar box on the British mainland erected in Carlisle.

28 September — Emigrant ship Annie Jane sinks in heavy seas off the Scottish island of Vatersay with the loss of 350 lives.

31 October–15 May 1854 — Lockout of Preston cotton mill workers seeking reinstatement of ten per cent of their pay; this will be Britain's longest industrial dispute up to this date.

3 December — Crimean War: a protocol is signed with France, Austria, and Prussia for restoring peace between Russia and Turkey.

14 December — Palmerston resigns as Home Secretary over demands for parliamentary reform, but changes his mind on 23 December.