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Times Newspapers - 1883
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Events 1883

1 January — Augustus Pitt Rivers takes office as Britain's first Inspector of Ancient Monuments.

5 March — Gloucester City A.F.C. is formed.

29 March — Edward Benson enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury.

31 March — Blackburn Olympic beat Old Etonians F.C. 2–1 in the FA Cup Final at The Oval, the Etonians being the last amateur team to reach the final[2] and Olympic being the first northern working-class team to do so.

16 June — Victoria Hall disaster: A rush for treats results in 183 children being asphyxiated in a concert hall in Sunderland.

3 July — The SS Daphne sinks on launch in Glasgow, leaving 124 dead.

1 August — GPO introduces the Parcels Post service.

4 August — First electric railway opens, the Volk's Railway at Brighton.

Late August — The first Carnegie library is opened in Andrew Carnegie's hometown, Dunfermline.

11 September — Major Evelyn Baring becomes Consul-General of Egypt under British rule.

September — Bristol Rovers F.C. is founded as "Black Arabs F.C."

October — GPO officially replaces the title "letter carrier" by "postman".

4 October — The Boys' Brigade is founded in Glasgow. It is the first uniformed youth organisation in existence.

24 October — Cardiff University opens under the name of University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire.

30 October — Two Clan na Gael dynamite bombs explode in the London Underground, injuring several people. Next day Home Secretary William Vernon Harcourt drafts 300 policemen to guard the underground and introduces the Explosives Bill.

3 November–5 November — Mahdist War: Anglo-Egyptian forces defeated at the Battle of El Obeid in Sudan.