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Times Newspapers - 1870
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Events 1870

28 January — General Post Office takes over business of private telegraph companies.

5 March — First ever (unofficial) international football match, England v Scotland, takes place under the approval of the Football Association at The Oval, London.

10 May — Jem Mace wins the boxing championship of the world, defeating fellow Englishman Tom Allen at Kenner, near New Orleans.

19 May — The Home Government Association is established in Ireland by Isaac Butt to argue for devolution for Ireland and repeal of the Act of Union 1800.

late Spring — Army Enlistment (Short Service) Act allows reduction in length of enlistment to the British Army as part of the Cardwell Reforms.

2 June — Competitive examination for entry to the British civil service introduced.

23 June — Keble College, Oxford, opens, the first new college of the University of Oxford in more than a century.

2 August — Official opening of the Tower Subway beneath the River Thames in London, the world's first underground passenger "tube" railway. Although this lasts as a railway operation only until November, it demonstrates the technologically successful first use of the cylindrical wrought iron tunnelling shield devised by Peter W. Barlow and James Henry Greathead.

4 August — British Red Cross established by Lord Wantage.

9 August - Elementary Education Act 1870 drafted by William Edward Forster MP encourages elementary education by creating a system of School boards in England and Wales.

9 August - Married Women's Property Act confirms that wives may own property of their own.

1 October — Postcards and halfpenny postage stamps introduced by the Post Office.