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Times Newspapers - 1849
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Good condition set of three. These older sets tend to be thicker than the sets of four. The volume sets are determined by the number of newspapers printed in that year which was generally lower in the earlier years, 1830-1840's etc.

Events 1849

13 January — Second Anglo-Sikh War: British forces retreat from the Battle of Chillianwala.

22 January — Second Anglo-Sikh War: The city of Multan falls to the British East India Company following the Siege of Multan.

1 February — Abolition of the Corn Laws by the Importation Act 1846 comes fully into effect.

21 February — Second Anglo-Sikh War: British victory at the Battle of Gujarat.

1 March — Nathaniel Cook registers the design of the Staunton chess set, which is first marketed in September by Jaques of London with an endorsement by Howard Staunton.

3 March — The Arana-Southern Treaty with the Argentine Confederation ends British involvement in the Anglo-French blockade of the Río de la Plata.

29 March — The United Kingdom annexes the Punjab.

21 April — Great Famine (Ireland): 96 inmates of the overcrowded Ballinrobe Union Workhouse die over the course of the preceding week from illness and other famine-related conditions, a record high. This year's potato crop again fails and there are renewed outbreaks of cholera.

May — First exhibition of paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: John Everett Millais' Isabella and Holman Hunt's Rienzi at the Royal Academy summer exhibition, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Girlhood of Mary Virgin at the Free Exhibition on Hyde Park Corner.

19 May — Irishman William Hamilton arrested after shooting blank shots at Queen Victoria.

2–12 August — Visit of Queen Victoria to Cork, Dublin and Belfast.

13 December — Foundation stone of Llandovery College is laid.

17 December — The customer, probably Edward Coke, collects the first bowler hat (devised by London hatmakers Thomas and William Bowler) from hatters Lock & Co. of St James's.