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Times Newspapers - 1838
Times Newspapers
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Good condition set of two. this is an earlier year but the volumes are actually quite thick. Both volumes combined are about 8 inches tall. Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec.

Events 1838

January 10 – A fire destroys Lloyd's Coffee House and the Royal Exchange in London.

April 4–22 – The paddle steamer SS Sirius (1837) makes the Transatlantic Crossing to New York from Cork, Ireland, in eighteen days, though not using steam continuously.

April 8–23 – Isambard Kingdom Brunel's paddle steamer SS Great Western (1838) makes the Transatlantic Crossing to New York from Avonmouth, England, in fifteen days, inaugurating a regular steamship service.

May - The People's Charter is drawn up in the United Kingdom, demanding universal suffrage.

June 28 – Coronation of Queen Victoria takes place at Westminster Abbey in London.

September 7 – Grace Darling and her father rescue thirteen survivors from the SS Forfarshire off the Farne Islands.

December 16 – The Boers win a decisive victory over the Zulus in the Battle of Blood River.

December - First Anglo-Afghan War: British and Presidency armies set out from Punjab in support of Shah Shujah Durrani's claim to the throne of Afghanistan.

December - Pastry War: Mexico is invaded by French forces.