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Times Newspapers - 1898
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Events 1898

12 February — The electric car belonging to Henry Lindfield of Brighton runs away on a hill in Purley, Surrey and hits a tree; thus he becomes the world's first fatality from an automobile accident on the public highway.

15 February — The World Figure Skating Championships are held in London.

8 April — Mahdist War: British and Egyptian victory at the Battle of Atbara.

9 June — Signature of the Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory with Qing Dynasty China leasing Hong Kong for 99 years.

14 June — Treaty with France establishes borders between French colonies and Nigeria and the Gold Coast.

23 June — Royal Army Medical Corps formed within the British Army.

6 July — Guglielmo Marconi conducts a test radio telegraph transmission for Lloyd's between Ballycastle, County Antrim, and Rathlin Island, Ireland.

19 July — French novelist Émile Zola arrives in London to escape imprisonment for criminal libel over his open letter J'accuse on the Dreyfus affair.

12 August — Elected county and district councils established in Ireland.

23 August — The Southern Cross Expedition, the first British venture of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, sets sail from London.

2 September — Mahdist War: At the Battle of Omdurman, British and Egyptian troops led by Horatio Kitchener defeat Sudanese tribesmen led by Khalifa Abdullah al-Taashi, thus establishing British dominance in the Sudan. During the battle, the 21st Lancers make what will be the last ever British cavalry charge and win three VCs. There are 47 deaths among the British and their allies (28 British) and at least 9,700 amongst their opponents.

3 September — Southampton F.C. move into their new stadium, The Dell and Nottingham Forest F.C. move into their new City Ground.

10 September — Sunderland A.F.C. move into their new stadium at Roker Park.

18 September — Fashoda Incident: A powerful flotilla of British gunboats arrives at the French-occupied fort of Fashoda on the White Nile, leading to a diplomatic stalemate until French troops are ordered to withdraw on 3 November.

14 October — Atlantic Transport Line's SS Mohegan sinks on The Manacles off Cornwall with the loss of 106 of the 197 on board.

16 November — Harrods department store in Knightsbridge install the first (stepless) escalator in the UK.