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Events 1869

6 March — The first international cycle race is held at Crystal Palace, London.

31 March — The Conservative Party holds both seats in the Blackburn by-election

22 May — Sainsbury's first store opened, in Drury Lane, London.

2 June — Seven men are tried at Mold for attacking a colliery manager following a pay cut. A riot breaks out as those convicted are being transported to the railway station; soldiers fire on the crowd, killing four people.

10 June — An underground explosion at Ferndale Colliery in the Rhondda kills 53.

26 July — Irish Church Act disestablishes the Church of Ireland with effect from 1871.

9 August — Evidence (Further) Amendment Act permits those taking part in legal proceedings to make an affirmation if they conscientiously object to taking an oath.

27 August — University of Oxford win the first international boat race held on the River Thames against Harvard University.[1] October — The 'Edinburgh Seven', led by Sophia Jex-Blake, start to attend lectures at the University of Edinburgh Medical School, the first women in the UK to do so (although they will not be allowed to take degrees).

11 October — Red River Rebellion against British forces in Canada.

16 October — England's first residential university-level women's college, the College for Women, predecessor of Girton College, Cambridge, is founded at Hitchin by Emily Davies and Barbara Bodichon.

4 November — The first issue of scientific journal Nature is published in London, edited by Norman Lockyer.

19 November — The Hudson's Bay Company surrenders its claim to Rupert's Land in Canada under its letters patent back to the British Crown.

22 November — In Dumbarton, Scotland, the clipper ship Cutty Sark is launched (she is one of the last clippers built, and the only one to survive into the 21st century).