Book - Paradise Lost

John Milton - 1909 or older
George G Harrap
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Paradise Lost
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Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse by the 17th-century English poet John Milton. It was originally published in 1667 in ten books, with a total of over ten thousand individual lines of verse. A second edition followed in 1674, changed into twelve books (in the manner of the division of Virgil's Aeneid) with minor revisions throughout and a note on the versification. The poem concerns the Biblical story of the Fall of Man: the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Milton's purpose, stated in Book I, is to "justify the ways of God to men". Paradise Lost is widely considered one of the greatest literary works in the English language.

This version is undated but it does have a name and date on the inside cover for December 1909. However, the pages are not cut, so they are very uneven like it was made before they trimmed pages although the top pages are trimmed and glossed with gold the right and bottom pages are really rough so much so that I think it could well be much older that 1909? Although the cover and spine are not leather, they are standard cloth board stles that you even see today.