Crappy Old Books aims to be the online version of our much endangered high street second hand book stores. Here you will find all sorts of junk that you just couldnt imagine.

Crappy Old Books also aims to provide all of these books at great rates.

The site was concieved on Monday 23rd Novemeber 2009, and is slowly growing. Hopefully over years it'll have much more to offer and will be a joy to browse through, just like our musty second hand book stores of yore.

Most of the books come from local libraries and have library stamps etc, donations, and many come from Florida in the USA where I go to regularly.

We Dont Buy Books

Please dont phone us asking if we will buy your books. Whislt we do buy books occasionally we are not interested in buying anything as standard. For example, we might buy some books from the library if they are cheap. We will also collect books for free occassionally. We preffer books that are small as postage is key to this service.